Book a holiday in a unique place in Umbria

Book your holiday at a corona-proof place in Umbria

An unforgettable holiday in a unique place in Umbria

Are you looking for a very special location? A place on top of a mountain with enormous views that make you forget your daily worries. A place where you experience the rhythm of nature again and where you can let go of everything. In short, a place to catch your breath.

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle and the rush? Where you can experience the soothing tranquility of the nature around you. In a place where the buzz of the highway has been replaced by the buzz of bees and crickets.

And do you want to be able to enjoy yourself? Just go your own way and enjoy doing your own things?

An authentic place where you can be yourself

With us at Polmone you will feel the soothing peace of silence around you. You will not find any material luxury there. Here you will find the luxury of simplicity, authenticity, silence, freedom and human warmth.

Call it the Polmone effect. I, Sylvia, experienced it myself over 25 years ago during my first visit to Polmone. Even with only half of what is now built, you could already feel the soothing tranquility this place on the hill pours over you. It is also not without reason that 25 years later I and my husband have seized the opportunity to work and live here with both hands.
Polmone is a place that lets its guests experience what it's like to live slower and smaller and we want you to experience that too!


Lots of privacy and yet meeting other people

A relaxing holiday in Umbria

There are 4 apartments in the restored rustic farmhouse from the late 1800s. Each apartment is very spacious and is authentically furnished. The rural location provides a magnificent view of the hilly and wide landscape of Umbria. The farm is located on top of a hill in the huge valley of the river Fersinone. Each apartment is located on one of the four sides of the old farmhouse. This way everyone has their privacy and you can still meet other people on the site of almost 1 hectare. At Polmone you will find peace, space and an authentic atmosphere. It is personal and small-scale. An ultimate coming home to this special place where you can really be yourself.

Experiences of other guests

Peace and warm hospitality

Treat yourself to the luxury of a holiday in one of our four cozy apartments! Many guests have already preceded you. Here is a small impression of their experiences:

“What a place. What a rest. What a nice house. What warm hospitality. You hear it. In all our travels to Italy, we have never been so lucky. Everything came together. We want to thank you for this. We will continue to say it. ”


“You asked about the uniqueness of Polmone and we said: the tranquility, the view. But what really matters is your warmth and warmth. That is unique. ”

The four rural apartments on a hill in Umbria

Small-scale holiday with Dutch people
Coronaproof holiday spot in Umbria for 2 people


An attractive apartment for 2 people

The attractive holiday apartment Simpatica (45m2) was once one of the cowsheds in the former Polmone farm.
This two room vacation apartment is on the ground floor.
You enter a cozy, spacious living room with a comfortable sitting area and wood-burning stove, a dining area and doors to the covered terrace.
Adjacent to the living room you will find the open, simply furnished kitchen, a bathroom with shower and toilet and a stylish bedroom with a double bed.

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Coronaproof holiday spot in Umbria for 5 people


An authentic child-friendly apartment for 2 to 5 people

Biblioteca (66m2) with Simpatica was one of the cowsheds of the former Polmone farm.
This three room vacation apartment is on the ground floor.
You enter a very spacious living room with doors that offer a view of the beautiful hills around.
The living room is tastefully decorated and equipped with a simple kitchen.
There are two spacious bedrooms and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

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Book Coronaproof apartment in Umbria for 5 people


A rustic apartment in Umbria for 2 to 5 people

Camino (66m2) was part of the home of the former Polmone farmhouse. It gives an idea of how the farmers (contadini) lived in ancient times.
This attractive three-room vacation apartment is on the first floor.
A large fireplace is the central point in the kitchen (cucina).
The kitchen is kept simple and as original as possible.
The apartment has two very spacious bedrooms and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

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Book Coronaproof holiday in Umbria in an apartment with 360 degree view


An apartment with breathtaking views for 2 to 4 people

Cinema (70 m2) used to be the sleeping accommodation of the peasant family that once lived in Polmone.
The three room holiday apartment is on the first floor.
It is pleasantly and comfortably furnished and has a cinematic view of the surrounding hills and valleys that are constantly changing in color and shade.
The apartment has two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower and toilet.

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