6 Reasons to book your vacation directly

Book Direct! The Best Price Guarantee

Today is #Bookdirect day. An initiative from accommodation holders to point out the benefits of booking directly. And although our requests are made directly for 95%, we have listed the benefits for you. It turns out that not everyone is familiar with the surcharges that you pay when you book through a travel company.

1. With direct booking, avoid extra surcharges

We will give you insight into the working methods of a large, well-known organization (those with a B). They request a commission of 15% that is added to the rent. You pay this extra as a guest. And no that is not allowed by the major travel organizations, but it does happen. As a guest, you must then immediately pay the deposit. We will only receive the allowance for the stay 1 month after the guest has left. Which can sometimes be more than half a year later. The earnings model of such an organization works in two ways. As accommodation owners, we can adjust the advantage of canceling at the last minute. The better accommodations have strict cancellation requirements.

2. Direct contact with the owner

Direct contact with accommodation owners will make your stay better. You can inform in advance what there is to do in the region (active, relaxed, out and about, workshops) and whether it fits in with your holiday goal.

3. The most competitive price

The most competitive price is not on large online travel organizations. Tour operators have a commission that or the accommodation owner but generally pays the guest himself.

3. Good accommodations not on booking sites

Many good accommodations are not on large booking sites. Why pay a commission to a large travel company when guests are satisfied and can rely on a good stay in an accommodation that is findable and has a good name?

4. Good knowledge of the environment

Accommodation owners know the area well and can give you tips beforehand, so that you can make the right choice for a holiday.

5. Rightly so with special wishes

For special wishes you can directly contact an owner. Think of a substance allergy or if you want to take your pet with you. If you communicate this in advance with the accommodation holder, you can look together for a suitable solution so that there are no surprises during your holiday.

6. Enjoy special offers

When you book directly you enjoy special offers. We also first communicate cancellations or offers and discounts directly to guests or website visitors.

These are 6 benefits in a row. Large travel organizations will always exist. And that's fine. But the choice is yours, take advantage of it!

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