A pearl in Umbria

In this second episode of the section Guest stories in Polmone's Gazzetta, Elly talks about her special relationship with pearls and in particular with a certain pearl in Umbria. About their first choice for a holiday in Umbria. And why they once again opted for a holiday with us in the rustic Polmone farmhouse.
Last year Elly and Jan were our first guests and this year they came back. Both times they came from the end of April to the beginning of May. The best time of the year because nature is just coming back to life. You then see the most different colors of green in nature and lots of wild flowers. It is also an ideal period to explore the area on foot, which Elly and Jan also did very enthusiastically.
We asked Elly to look back on their vacation at Polmone Turismo Verde, holiday apartments in Umbria based on a few questions.


Elly and Jan guest for the second time at their pearl in Umbria

Hi! I am Elly, I have been living with Jan in Oisterwijk for a few years now, 'the green pearl' of Brabant. I used to live in Breda, 'the pearl of the south'. What does that say about me? I like pearls.
Jan is next to 'nice weather motorcyclist' a horse man and often busy with both.
I cycle and walk regularly myself, I like to feel part of the dynamics in nature. Together we do weekend breaks, short holidays in the Netherlands and the last two years in the spring, Polmone!

What does Polmone mean to you?

Polmone is being received by Roos and Nico with fresh olives, white wine, a nut and chats as if you pick up the thread of yesterday with each other again. Coming home to a place where you were not before but where you almost immediately know the way. A natural familiarity that makes you feel at ease immediately.

Why did you choose Polmone for your vacation in Umbria?

The first time our choice was more or less random based on a website, the pictures and some reviews.

Why did you choose Polmone a second time?

The second time we knew what to look for; tranquility, a beautiful environment, a base for trips to cities and places of interest and especially for us: countless possibilities to lay our egg on walk and to move into the green space!
The apartments each have their own atmosphere and are each unique in their own way. The personal hand of the builders (Roos & Nico) is visible and almost palpable. We have in the meantime inhabited two different apartments and had a good time in both of them, with absolute privacy but now and then on Polmone can also meet with Rose, Nico and / or other guests.

How did you experience the atmosphere at Polmone?

The weekly pizza event in the pearl of Umbria

No matter how you turn it, the weekly pizza event from Nico: it's a highlight. Surprising pizzas with lots of fresh ingredients and to which you can give your own twist, entertaining conversations, wine that flows abundantly, the cheerful note of some children, it is an absolute Polmone experience!

What trips have you made in Umbria? And what did you think of that?

We regularly set out from Polmone to see cities such as Orvieto, Assisi and Spoleto. In our first year we were even taken in by Roos and Nico as guests for a classical cello concert in a beautiful theater in Perugia. But it is also only to visit some smaller towns in the area.

You like to walk. Where did you walk to?

We have done that occasionally on foot, such as the last time we were there and the mountain was bumped from the back garden of Polmone. We went to Montegiove along cow tracks, across meadows, through thickets, through streams and streams, which you sometimes have to wade through barefoot. Along the way cows and horses crossed our path, we saw ruins overgrown with lush greenery and colorful flowers. Eventually the Montegiove castle looms up in front of us. Just a final climb and some hairpin bends and then you are delighted when you are standing in front of the castle gate, which then appears to be locked for that day, so no wine tasting unfortunately. But do not be sad.

Is it true that you discovered something nice there?

There is a tiny bar opposite the church in Montegiove

There is a tiny bar opposite the church, where we discover that this is run by three very old ladies, no doubt 80+ but in complete surrender to their mission: to make their customers happy. They do not speak foreign languages so the young Italian customer is bombed into an interpreter. Then you have to wait a long time for your order to be put in parts,

but on a sunny terrace and with the heart-warming love of the hospitality ladies we feel pleasantly surprised and spoiled with this piece of Umbria where simplicity simply wins over luxury and standards. The experience is small but of inestimable value, a little bit of originality that will die out if we don't cherish it.

A pearl in Umbria

And after every walk or trip we land on Polmone, the pearl of Umbria, rough and refined at the same time, polished by Rose and Nico.
A pearl that deserves to be added to my collection with honor.
With a warm, green greeting,

Discover the pearl of Umbria too!

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