How did we end up in Umbria?

All our guests ask us how we found Polmone and ended up in this unique place in Umbria. Read our exceptional story here.

On vacation to Italy for the first time

In 1989, Nico and I went on holiday to Italy for the first time with friends. We had rented an apartment in Tuscany and one day we decided to go to Orvieto to see the famous Duomo. However, first we would try to find an old colleague of all of us.

Looking in Umbria

She had to live in the neighborhood of Orvieto, so we looked up the town of Ospedaletto on a detailed map of Umbria and set off! Once we arrived in the village of Ospedaletto we discovered that finding an address works a little differently than in the Netherlands. Nowhere to find a street name, but luckily we saw a woman walking in her garden, so we asked her where we could find an S, a tall blonde Dutch woman. None of us spoke Italian, but luckily she understood who we were talking about and in fast Italian she started explaining how we could get to her house.
After the village we turned left into an unpaved path into the forest and then the first path to the right. We bravely started our search. The unpaved path was quickly found, but the path to the right was less clear and, above all, very narrow and unclear whether we would end up somewhere. But what you can do, you can come true again was our reasoning.

Found it!

After an exciting descent on the unclear path that also went up steeply, a house indeed appeared out of the blue. And actually a woman arrived who soon turned out to be our old colleague. Of course she fell from surprise to surprise. "You here? Hey, but what are you doing here? Ah and you too? Oh, but how nice and what a while ago! Come, I'll make coffee and introduce you to my husband. The children are leaving school so I have to make some food. Do you eat with us? "

Two ruins

We never came to Orvieto again. It turned out that she and her husband recently bought two pieces of land where they had to sell one to rebuild the one they wanted to keep. That afternoon we looked at all the drawings of the planned construction work on both farms and of course we went there to see the ruins.

Polmone had a very special, almost mystical atmosphere

The farm that they wanted to keep turned out to consist of two houses connected by an arch on the edge of the forest. And the farm that already had a buyer for, Polmone was on top of a hill. Completely free on all sides with a view of a valley all around and only hills at the end. And all in the orange evening light at the end of a beautiful autumn day. We were impressed and didn't really understand why they chose the other farm. Polmone had a very special, almost mystical atmosphere.

Shall we buy it?

It is now two weeks later. I come home from work around 7 in the morning and Nico says that S called from Italy this afternoon to say that we had come by and that it had been so nice, etc., etc. And that at the end of the conversation casually stated that the sale of that one Polmone farm was canceled. The woman who had wanted to start a restaurant had refrained from doing so. Problems in the family, not the right moment, in short, it didn't happen.

"Shall we buy it?" said Nico

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