Can you go on holiday to Italy now?

The experiences of our first guests

I have the question whether you can go on holiday to Italy so often now! Questions such as what it is like to drive to Italy. And whether it matters to which region you go. Whether it is really safe in Italy. Whether you can still enjoy a coffee somewhere, grab a terrace or go out for dinner. These are all questions that many people who like to go on holiday to Italy are struggling with, but cannot get rid of the images that we have all seen of the corona crisis in Northern Italy.

To give you an idea of how things are going in the Umbria region, where we have 4 spacious holiday homes in an authentic Umbrian farm, I asked our first guests of this year, Johan and Renée, if I could interview them. After all, they have no interest in better depicting the current situation. I wonder how they experience their holiday in Italy in times of corona.


Can you go on holiday to Italy now? Our first guests tell their experiences

Johan and Renée both work in healthcare. They have two sons and a daughter and have been going on holiday to Italy for years. From the moment the children could join, they chose Italy and usually went to Tuscany. But one child after another dropped out as they grew up. Once again the two of them decided to explore the rest of Italy. Every holiday their destination became increasingly southern. There is actually no region they don't know.

Until suddenly an ad came along last year. Their attention was drawn to Polmone Turismo Verde in Umbria. Their favorite region!
Johan and Renée like to be on their own, love to be not so close to a town, but preferably in the middle of nature and can really enjoy peace and quiet. And then it says in the advertisement that at Polmone you can enjoy a small-scale holiday in the middle of nature. That's what they went for!

Umbria has it

Then Tuscany may have the name, but according to Johan and Renée Umbria has it!
Peace, space, little tourism and the area is certainly so beautiful. It is greener. You will find beautiful cities such as Orvieto, Todi, Perugia and Spello. Numerous very small villages that are worth visiting but whose names they cannot remember.

Never to the same place twice

For Renée, silence is the most special thing about Polmone

Johan and Renée have never gone on holiday to the same place in their lives. But that changed after Polmone was discovered last year. For them, Polmone has everything they love: the peace, it is in a secluded place, surrounded by nature, you will find like-minded people, the apartments are beautiful and spacious, everything is well maintained and clean. Each apartment has its own privacy outside and if you want contact you can do that too. Everything on Polmone radiates love for the place. The owners are very hospitable, the pizza afternoon is unbeatable. And because Nico told Johan last year how he makes the pizza dough, Johan has discovered the right flour and has been making a tasty pizza at home ever since! For Renée, silence is the most special thing about Polmone. Real silence no longer exists in the Netherlands. The silence she experiences here just before sunset really clears her head. For Renée, this really means relaxing.

After all these years in so many different places in Italy, they both think they have never seen such a beautiful place as Polmone.

Did you have doubts about going to Italy because of the many corona cases?

Their preference was for Biblioteca. The apartment with beautiful views and the most privacy

Johan and Renée, like many others, have already very early booked their holiday to Polmone Turismo Verde. It was going to be their second time at Polmone, so they knew which apartment they preferred, Biblioteca. The apartment with a beautiful view and the most privacy.

When it turned out that it was serious about corona, Johan immediately told Renée that their holiday to Polmone would really work. In fact, they both never doubted whether or not to continue their journey. Of course, the borders had to be open. But they were lucky enough to do so a few days before their departure.
In advance they have figured out where to stop on the way to refuel, but otherwise their journey was not much different than last year.

Similar measures

According to Johan and Renée, the measures that apply in Italy are almost the same as those in the Netherlands, with the difference that you have to wear a mask in Italy when you go somewhere. So why worry then? The north of Italy is a 5-hour drive from Umbria, and Umbria has had few cases during that time. They would not have let a holiday in a hotel continue. Then you come to more people and that is now better to avoid.

How did the doubts you had beforehand?

The journey here was basically the same as last year. They have not noticed any difference.
In the meantime they have also gone to a place a few times and have already eaten in a restaurant a few times.
It is really much quieter in the towns. The most striking are the empty parking spaces! And eating in a restaurant is not much different than in the Netherlands. The only difference is that you have to wear a mask when you enter and when you leave.

Is your holiday much different due to the corona threat than other holidays when you could still travel carefree?

Renée actually feels safer here in Umbria than at home in the Netherlands. Of course, that's also because you don't meet anyone here on Polmone.
And because everything is so quiet and quiet now, Johan and Renée take advantage of the situation by going to Rome for a day. As they say themselves, they will never be able to view Rome so quietly again! No lines of people waiting for an attraction anywhere. No crowds on the street. They like it actually!

What kind of trips have you made?

A trip to Lake Bolsena

So far, but they've been here all week, they've been to Lake Bolsena and they've been driving around the lake. They advise everyone to type in an adventurous route in the navigation system, just like them. They brought the TomTom for the motorcycle and it took them to the most beautiful places!

They also drove to Rotecastello, a cute medieval town near San Venanzo.

What do you think of Umbria and do you have a nice tip for other guests to do business in Umbria

As mentioned before, the Umbria region is Renée and Johan's favorite region because it is greener here than in the other regions, less crowded, fantastic eateries and the people are so nice here!

Their tips: Be sure to visit Perugia and Orvieto. And of course La Scarzuola! That is such a special place! And just take the car, map out a nice route and then just sit somewhere on the way in nature. Bring something to eat and drink and enjoy.

To whom would you recommend a holiday here?

A must for people who love peace and nature

A holiday at Polmone Turismo Verde is a must for people who love peace and nature. You have a great view here. It is really quiet. You will find privacy here. Each apartment has plenty of shade. There is a nice swimming pool. And if you like walking, you can take beautiful walks here.
Roos and Nico are very hospitable and they know the area inside out. Therefore they give good advice on everything you can do here.

Can you go to Italy on holiday or not?

A holiday in Italy in times of corona is for Johan and Renée a truly relaxing holiday. According to them there is actually no risk if you drive to Italy by car. They find their travel destination Polmone Turismo Verde safer than any destination. Of course that is also because they know the place and it is small-scale.
The seat of the fire is very far from here. They actually feel safer here than in the Netherlands.

Have you benefited from the holiday experiences of Johan and Renée in Italy?

I hope that the experiences of Johan and Renée help you to get a bit of a picture of the new reality in Italy. If you know people who want to know what it's like to go on holiday to Italy now, please share this message with them. By the way, we would love to hear if you have benefited from this! And if you want to read more about going on holiday to Italy safely, read our previous article in Polmone's Gazzetta.

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