About us

We are Sylvia and William, the new owners of Polmone Turismo Verde.

Until recently, we were both employed in aviation in the Netherlands.
When we booked here in November 2021 we knew that Polmone would be sold. We wanted to visit the old owners one more time before they moved to the Netherlands. Soon, during our walks in the area, we were seriously dreaming what it would feel like to live here permanently. Those dreams took more and more form and now suddenly the time has come; we can stay here and make sure that guests, new and hopefully regulars, will have a good time on this green hill right in the heart of Umbria.
The concept remains unchanged; offering a wonderful base to discover the area with its beautiful historic towns or to do nothing at all, and enjoy the tranquility that the old farm and the surrounding nature offer.
Whatever you want to do here: Polmone is guaranteed 100% stress-reducing!

What are you looking for in your vacation

Whatever you want to do on your holiday in Italy, a place where you feel at home is very important. Polmone is such a place. A wonderful base for a brisk walk, city trip or a visit to your new favorite restaurant. Or, whatever many guests do, stay here and relax by the pool with a good book. Polmone will make you forget all your stress and stay with you as that beautiful place where you didn't need anything and where you could relax. At least that's how we experienced Polmone during our frequent visits, and the chance to continue our lives here was like a lottery ticket for us!
Setting sun at Polmone Turismo Verde, holiday apartments in Umbria

A place to catch your breath

We want others to experience this feeling as well. Polmone is a place where many people have come to themselves. Where you can make a start to give your life a different turn, as happened with us. An authentic place where you can and can be yourself.


Casual hospitality

At Polmone you experience casual hospitality. And if there are enough guests, we will fire up the wood oven to let you taste the now famous Polmone pizza.

Do you want this too? At the bottom of this page you can see if there is still an apartment available for you.

Just another pizza evening in the middle of summer

A sustainable holiday destination

Polmone is not just a nice place in the middle of a hill, it is also a place that is largely self-sufficient. 34 solar panels have been installed and there is a heat pump. Solar water heaters help with hot shower water and delicious drinking water comes from a private well that is 128 meters deep under the house. Before 2023 we intend to install a charging station so that we can also facilitate guests with an electric car. In this way Polmone tries to leave a CO2 footprint as small as possible.


Living in the rhythm of nature

Even in this hectic season, where multiple lives are moved, we can enjoy the small and big things around and around our home. Waking up in the morning with mist in the valley from the rain shower of the day before. The busy buzz of many bees that visit the small yellow flowers that open especially in the morning hours. A curious fox that walks over the still wet lawn and the twitter of many birds that announce the day. In the evening the ever-changing sunset and the cows that change lawns. At night there is the extremely clear starry sky where you can even see various star nebulae with the naked eye.


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