About us

In 1989 we stumbled across Polmone. It has definitely changed our lives. A ruined ruin in Umbria became a small-scale green oasis.

We are Nico van der Meer and Roos Zwager. We were in Italy for the first time with friends on holiday in 1989. We stumbled across Polmone during that vacation. A derelict farm on top of a hill. There was no road, there was no water and no electricity. The roof partially collapsed. Around five in the autumn holiday. The sun was already low and the sky turned bright orange. I have never forgotten that image.
There would be a restaurant in the farm. The purchase was as good as around ...

Two weeks later we heard that the buyer had withdrawn and Nico said to me: "Shall we buy it?" read more

The following years we spent every vacation on Polmone to transform the ruin into what it is today. A small-scale green oasis on top of a mountain in the middle of nature. read more

Beautiful rural Polmone farmhouse in a non-built state

What are you looking for in your vacation

Have you been looking for that special place for a long time? Such a place on top of a mountain with huge views that will make you forget your daily worries. A place where you experience the rhythm of nature again so that you can let go of everything. In short, a place to catch your breath.

Call it the Polmone effect. I experienced it myself almost thirty years ago. I just had to sit on the sidewalk of the Biblioteca apartment and stare into the valley. Immediately I felt everything drifting away from me and I didn't think about my hectic job in the Netherlands the entire vacation.

Setting sun at Polmone Turismo Verde, holiday apartments in Umbria

A place to catch your breath

We also wanted others to experience this. Polmone has therefore become a place where many people have already come to themselves. Where you can make a start to give a different turn to your life. An authentic place where you can and can be yourself. You can be on your own, but also with others if you want.

Breathe in the pool of Polmone Turismo Verde holiday apartments in Umbria

Casual hospitality

At Polmone you experience casual hospitality. And if there are enough guests, Nico fires up the original wood oven to let you taste the famous Polmone pizza.

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Just another pizza evening in the middle of summer

A sustainable holiday destination

Now we have been living on Polmone for a number of years. We were able to rebuild the former pigsty and that is now our own house. There is now a swimming pool. And because we also want to do our bit for the environment, we have 34 solar panels that fully meet Polmone's energy needs. We use solar water heaters to heat the water for our guests. In the swimming pool we have salt in the water instead of chlorine. Finally, we burn completely CO2 neutral by using a heat pump and wood-burning stoves.


34 solar panels ensure that Polmone Turismo Verde is a sustainable holiday destination

Living in the rhythm of nature

We both enjoy our special place every day! We live in the rhythm of nature. You wake up in the morning to the birdsong. When we walk the dogs, we still notice that it is really quiet here and nature is constantly changing due to the shadow effect of the clouds. If you walk through the forest we are sometimes lucky to encounter a wild boar family or a deer. We still learn a lot from our guests about the special birds that you can observe here, such as the hops, the bee-eater and the snake eagle. In the evening we sit in the garden with a nice glass and enjoy the endless starry sky and the fireflies.

Nice walk with the dogs on the dirt road

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