Small-scale holiday with Dutch people in rural Umbria

Polmone is a small-scale holiday farm in rural Umbria. The Dutch owners Sylvia and William also live on the property. They ensure that everyone immediately feels at home in this very special place.
You will really relax here and you can enjoy the flora and fauna of Umbria without even leaving the site.
Polmone is of course also a great base to discover Umbria.

The Polmone swimming pool, a pure and authentic experience

The swimming pool

Het fraaie ommuurde zwembad ligt buiten gehoorsafstand van de boerderij waarin de appartementen zijn gehuisvest waardoor de originele sfeer en de rust rondom de boerderij bewaard is gebleven. Het zwembad zelf geeft door de natuurstenen muur eromheen het gevoel alsof je je in een romeins bad bevindt maar biedt tegelijk een prachtig uitzicht over de vallei.
Een moderne Cl&Ph doseercomputer, die de water kwaliteit managed waardoor er nooit teveel chemicaliën in het water zitten, garandeert een constante  kwaliteit van het zwemwater.


Child friendly

It is wonderful for young and old to be in the garden. Children can go their own way because the entire site of approximately 1 hectare is well fenced. Each apartment has its 'own' side of the farm and also of the garden, so you have enough privacy. Each apartment has more than enough comfortable garden furniture.

The hop that just walked through the garden


Rond Polmone leven veel dieren. Naast de beroemde Chianina koeien leven er everzwijnen, reeën, herten,  vossen en stekelvarkens in de omringende heuvels. Ook de vogels die je hier kunt treffen zijn talrijk en gevarieerd. Zoals de koereiger, slangenarend, bijeneter, hop, putter, sperwer en heel veel zwaluwen die in de ochtend en namiddag het zwembad al vliegend proberen leeg te drinken. Een spectaculair gezicht!


Fantastic view

Polmone Turismo Verde is located in the middle of the vast farmlands where the famous Chianina cows graze. The rustic Polmone farm is in a very rural location on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the Fersinone Valley, the hamlet of Pornello and the medieval castle of Montegiove.
You reach Polmone via a well-maintained 'Strada Bianca' of about 3 kilometers.

Restoration work to keep it as authentic and pure as possible, the Simpatica apartment

preservation of character

The old farmhouse was built entirely in pietra (natural stone), which at the time was the usual material that was extracted locally.
During the restoration, it was decided to keep the farm as authentic as possible and it was added to and added to with the same type of stone.
The only changes made to the original building are the buttresses on all corners and a terrace with a roof for every apartment for the necessary shade in the summer. And of course the ground floor that used to be a cowshed but now houses two apartments.


Green lung

Polmone means in Italian: the lung. And Polmone Turismo Verde is literally a green lung: a place where you can catch your breath in the middle of nature. The site is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the beautiful valleys all around. The nearest house is on the next hill and the nearest hamlet, Pornello, is 4 kilometers away from Polmone.

You can go on fantastic wild walks directly from Polmone


If you like a bit of adventure, you can go on beautiful walks directly from the Polmone grounds. There are also marked walks. It is even nice to just walk on the dirt road. But if you go hiking with children, it is often best if you avoid the paths and go straight through the woods and fields. The many animal bones and skulls that you find on the site are trophies of these walks.

You can also cycle fantastic directly from Polmone


Umbria and the Unesco World Heritage area where Polmone is located, Monte Peglia, is a bit like the Ardennes when it comes to cycling. Short steep climbs, a short valley and then up again to the next picturesque village. You can cycle directly from Polmone.

At Polmone we have two mountain bikes available for enthusiasts

Pizza and vacation in an apartment in Umbria

Baking pizza

If the weather permits and there are enough guests, we will fire up the original wood oven for our guests to bake pizza. A valued tradition with our regular guests. It is also a nice, relaxed way to get to know each other while enjoying a different pizza and a drink. Of course you can also make your own pizza!

Pien helps Rose in the vegetable garden with the harvest of the courgettes

The vegetable garden

In our organic vegetable garden we can grow many seasonal vegetables such as zucchini, tomato, onion, pumpkin, parsley, lettuce, beans, bell pepper, artichoke and eggplant. Furthermore, there are scattered here and there in the ordinary garden all kinds of herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage and tarragon.

Emigrate to Italy because you want a different life

The animals

Polmone is the personal estate of resident hangover Mickey. He now has to share his territory of 7500m2 with our Dutch Blue Russians Fritz and Lizzy, but secretly he thinks it's very nice!
Not real pets, but frequent guests are the countless small lizards, bats, butterflies and thousands of hardworking bees that can be found in the many lavender bushes on the site. The cats do their best to keep the numbers within limits, but fortunately they succeed only badly.

Who would not want that? Eating pizza together at a long table.

A special occasion

Do you have something special to celebrate or are you thinking of proposing to your partner in a special place? Polmone is very suitable to go with the family. There are large extendable outdoor tables where you can all sit together under the trees to enjoy an extensive Italian lunch or a romantic candlelit dinner. We have room for 17 guests in the farm and possibly a guest room for 2 in our house. And we can always set up a few tents in the garden.


Where can you find Polmone

POlmone can be reached by car, car-train or plane in combination with car rental (fly-drive). Because there is no public transport near Polmone, it is not recommended to come without a car. From Amsterdam it is a 1600 km drive (via Switzerland). From Rome Fiumicino airport you can reach us in 2 hours (190 km). From Pisa airport it is 2 and a half hours. The closest is flying to Perugia. Then from April 23, 2023 you fly with Transavia from Rotterdam on Saturday and Tuesday (high season) or Wednesday (low and mid season) and drive to Polmone in just over an hour.

The last 3 kilometers to Polmone you drive on a well-maintained but unpaved road.

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