Slow Travel the new travel

Slow Travel and the one and a half meter society

Will Slow Travel be the new travel?

Is Slow Travel the new travel? Relax during your holiday with a glass of wine and a tasty snack while you dream away with a book in your hand and 360 degree view.
I only have to switch on the radio or television or I hear that we have to start thinking about how we can prepare for the new one and a half meter society. A future in which social distancing should become the new normal. In this article, I advocate the phenomenon of Slow Travel in the context of this new society where we have to go. The new travel with the main purpose of slowing down.

The lockdown

How have you experienced the past few weeks? Is it hard for you? Empty streets, no outings, no more shopping on weekends, no family or friends on the floor and is it difficult to keep all the balls in the air? You work at home while the children also need attention. Your stress level has risen considerably!
Or are you someone who suddenly sees that the trees and shrubs are blooming so beautifully. And you can hear all kinds of different birds singing. Enjoy the space and tranquility on the street and hear all kinds of nature sounds that were not there before because they were drowned out by the sounds of traffic. And don't miss shopping at all, because actually you still have enough clothes in the closet and your house looks really cozy. Isn't it wonderful to not have to comply with all kinds of unwritten laws every day!

Let go of everything

When we bought Polmone 31 years ago and spent every holiday in Umbria trying to restore the ruin together, we experienced something similar. As soon as we turned off the A1 and drove on the back roads of Umbria on our way to Polmone, the world changed completely. We hardly ran into a car and sometimes we saw a wild boar in the bushes or suddenly a deer jumped over the road. On the last part of the dirt road to our farm there were usually the beautiful white Chianina cows grazing, who stepped aside completely relaxed when we arrived.

Slow Travel will be the new travel with a 360 degree view

And once at home on Polmone when I finally sat on the doorstep of what would later become the Biblioteca apartment and just looked into the valley, I immediately felt all the tension of my busy work in the Netherlands. For me that was the Polmone feeling and that is exactly the same for the many guests who later came on holiday to Polmone.

The magic of the delay

It is something magical that happens to you when you are here on Polmone.
Life slows down. The impressions become more intense. You are going to enjoy simple things somehow. You can of course call that the Polmone effect. But I think it is something bigger. Slightly more comprehensive. You've probably heard of the Slow Food movement. A movement that promotes locally produced and traditionally prepared food with the aim of raising awareness of the food we eat and the fast life we live. So I think there is also such a thing as the Slow Travel in Umbria effect. 

Slow Travel and Umbria

In Umbria you slow down automatically. After all, here in Umbria you will not find many quick stimuli. Life is still relatively simple here. There is no extensive industry. Less than 900,000 people live on an area of 8,456 km². The region is also known as the green heart of Italy. And that name is due to the particularly varied green landscape of Umbria, which consists of successive hilly areas with wide valleys, formed by the many rivers that flow in this area.

Slow Travel and Polmone

Slow Travel the new travel and Polmone

On top of one of those hills that Umbria is rich you will find the farm Polmone. Surrounding it is a vast valley into which one of those rivers flows, the Fersinone. It lies there in the middle of a quiet landscape where you can still really hear the silence. Where you see the landscape continuously changing, if only by the position of the sun that continuously shifts the lighting of the landscape. An ideal staging for your Slow Travel experience in Umbria.

Surrounded by nature

You will find all the ingredients to slow down and thereby discover more. After all, Polmone Turismo Verde is surrounded by nature. As far as you can see, there are only forest and meadows with, to complete the picture, very occasionally an old farmhouse. There is a herd of white cows in the landscape that sometimes grazes around Polmone. There are only 4 apartments in the authentic Polmone farmhouse, all with lots of space and a large terrace, giving you lots of privacy. And in those apartments there is no wifi available, so you can really let go of the rest of the world if you also turn off the roaming of your phone.

To-do list

Find a cow's head and take it with you

The location of Polmone invites you to relax. It also invites you to let go of the focus to see as many sights in Umbria as possible. Your to-do list usually stays in the suitcase on Polmone! Taking a slow holiday in Umbria lets you discover the area where you are in peace.


Be sure to check out a few quaint villages and towns in Umbria, but then sit on a wall and take in the area for a moment. Let all the streams of people pass you by and see how the Italian does it.

These chatting Italian men on the bench are illustrative of the ease with which you can talk to its residents in Italy

He comes out the door in the morning to first water his plants with an old plastic water bottle. Then some food is placed for the neighborhood cat and then he walks to the bar. There is some talk with neighbors, a cup of coffee with a dolce. Then the women go back home and the men put a card together or discuss the latest news outside on a bench.

Good food

Afterwards you can stroll through the beautiful streets and alleys and it will probably be around one lunchtime in Italy. Italians are then used to eating hot. Try asking a resident who sees you walking by where they recommend that you go for the pranzo. Our experience is that you end up in restaurants where there are almost only Italians, the food is fantastic and you really don't pay the top price!

take your time

Slow Travel the new travelling. Strolling down the main street the Italian way.

Italians take their time for the pranzo and after lunch they enjoy their afternoon nap to do freshly showered and at their best dressed quattro passi (= strolling) through the main streets of their town or village. They then meet the same people every day and take every day for the same chat, just like that, in the middle of the street. That is Slow Living and for you a Slow Travel experience in Umbria.

Slow Travel the new travel

Rotaprona is a beautiful swimming spot in the valley of San Vito Castello

Precisely because Umbria has so much nature, is sparsely populated and the number of tourists traveling to Umbria is still relatively small, you have all the options in this region to keep your distance. You can walk fantastic here without meeting anyone. We can show you a beautiful swimming spot in nature, where you hardly ever meet anyone.

And if you stay on site at Polmone, which is about 1 hectare in size, you have plenty of space. A large private terrace and on your side of the farm also the entire garden that borders it. And finally you go to a place, we see that the population here keeps a lot of distance. The standard in Italy is 1 meter, but in practice we see that people keep a lot more distance. Social distancing is therefore no problem at all if you choose a Slow Travel experience with us in Umbria.
What do you think of the Slow Travel phenomenon as a new way of traveling?


  1. Bernard and Maria

    Nice article Roos!
    We also lost our hearts in Umbria 20 years ago starting at Polmone.
    We still come back with great pleasure

  2. Wilma Boetius van Emmerloot

    Wonderful article. That is what life is all about ...
    The virus did not come for nothing. It is terrible what happens. But it brings people back to basics, feeling and to their heart.
    On occasion I would like to stay overnight.
    I know the environment. My daughter studied for 1 year at the Universita per Stranieri in Perugia. 25 years ago…
    I have been studying / studying ever since
    Bella Italia. A me piace molto andare in Italia. Ci vediamo!

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