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Martin and Leonie talk about their 6th time Polmone

Today we introduce you for the first time to a new section in the Gazzetta of Polmone: Guest stories.
Based on a few questions, we let guests look back on their vacation at Polmone Turismo Verde, holiday apartments in Umbria. We hope that people who do not know Polmone will get an impression of what they can expect from a holiday in an apartment on our farm.
In this first interview you can read why Martin and Leonie came back. About their choice for a holiday in Umbria. And why they once chose to rent an apartment in the rustic Polmone farmhouse.

Who are Martin de Boer & Leonie Paijens?

Vakantie in Umbrië Martin en Leonie vertellen

We have been together for over 22 years and when it comes to holidays and travel we share a broad interest in culture and nature. A preference for both hectic destinations and total tranquility. We can both laze well (not too long ...) or be active. Over the years we have collected several "homesick destinations" and Polmone is definitely one of them!

Have you been on holiday with Polmone before or was this the first time?

We have been to Polmone about six times now - we are losing count.

Why did you choose Polmone for your vacation in Umbria?

After 11.5 years we were at Polmone again! This time there was a somewhat longing nostalgia for Polmone and his residents. Moreover, we felt the need to get away from it all and sit in the middle of nature.
The first time we chose Polmone, in 2002, we did that based on the ad text that Roos had placed in de Volkskrant. The year before we had been to Italy for the first time, however, our holiday accommodation did not go well. On the way to Polmone - we were driving to Montegiove - we agreed that if we didn't like it, we would leave and look for a hotel somewhere. We had put a hotel guide in the luggage. Never opened up of course.

How did you find Roos and Nico's personal contact?

Now: the celebration of the greeting and so nice to see each other again. And wave goodbye until you see nothing. The latter has always been the case.
The first time, in 2002, the greeting was surprising, open, cordial, clear and with humor.
It was also very nice that our remote family almost now went to Polmone. We once had a holiday with both (mother-in-law) and (brother-in-law) brother and sister-in-law on Polmone.

How did you experience the atmosphere at Polmone?

  • in the apartment - wonderfully spacious, well-kept and familiar
  • on site - soothing and original - the sustainability that has been applied everywhere, and of course always the cats and dogs that come to greet you
  • with the other guests - if there were any, it was fine, plenty of privacy and very pleasant contacts
  • with the owners Nico and Roos - cozy, hospitable, lively and familiar - none of us are ever interested in a conversation, an opinion shy and a lot of laughter.

What trips have you made in Umbria? And what did you think of that?

Too many to mention - over the years we have explored a very large part of Umbria (and beyond) from Polmone. We still knew every turn in the road and all the beautiful places we passed. Almost every place is worth it, big or small. Buy a good travel guide and go roaming. The region has so many large and smaller treasures.

What did you think of Umbria as a region and do you have a nice tip for our other guests?

Umbria is and remains a very 'own' region, rural, quiet, no-nonsense, not flattened by tourists, even though there are certainly big tourists. In the smaller towns you can see how history returns in daily life. Also visit the destinations for which you have to drive a little extra. Spoleto is fantastic and the Piano Grande is indescribably beautiful. In addition, it is also very good to go to Rome or Florence by train for a day (early in the morning to Orvieto).
Our most important tip: Umbria is fantastic in the summer - but if you can, go in the winter or early spring. There are almost no tourists at all, it is very quiet everywhere, the world looks very different. We hardly recognized Assisi when we ever walked around in early February. You can also take good (city) walks without being too hot. And the simple life - keeping you warm with 1 wood burning stove, taking in every ray of sunshine, waking up to the birds and the absolute silence - it is even more intense than in the summer.

Was your vacation on Polmone what you expected?

Yes - and more!

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