Monte Peglia World Heritage Site.


'Polmone is located in the middle of a UNESCO world heritage site'.

Polmone is located in the middle of the Unesco Reserve for the Biosphere Monte Peglia

 Umbria is characterized by its green valleys, rolling hills, streams, waterfalls, lakes and forests. You can take beautiful walks here without meeting anyone. In addition, Polmone Turismo Verde is located in the vast hilly area of Monte Peglia (837m), which was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2020.
The reserve is an area of 42,342 ha between the Tiber and Paglia rivers.

It consists mainly of forest area and forms an important natural pool of fauna, flora and mushrooms. In the area you can still find thousands of plant species, 44 species of wild mammals and 34 different bird varieties. You will find a number of protected animal species here, such as the wild cat, the marten, the peregrine falcon, the eagle owl, the spotted and spectacled salamander, the Etruscan chub and the river shrimp, which is already extinct elsewhere in the world. 

The three volcanoes of San Venanzo

San Venanzo itself, the municipality to which Polmone belongs, is a very exceptional area. 265,000 years ago, 3 volcanoes erupted around San Venanzo. Due to this natural phenomenon, very rare rocks can be found that otherwise only occur in China, Uganda and Brazil. This concerns the “venanzite“, A rock that originated from the lava of the Pian di Celle volcano. You can check it all out in the San Venanzo Volcanology Museum and occasional guided hikes through the volcanic area are organized.
The Monte Peglia Reserve is part of the Parco di Monte Peglia e Selva Meana Nature Reserve. In all of Umbria this is just one of a total of 7 other nature parks: Colfiorito, Lago Trasimeno, Monte Cucco, Monte Subasio, Nera, Tevere and Monti Sibillini. All these nature parks comprise 7.5 % of the total area of the Umbria region. It is clear that you will find a lot of space and greenery here.

Enough undiscovered, safe places in Umbria

In addition to the special nature of the region, you will of course also find the picturesque villages and cities that are so characteristic of Italy, for example Orvieto, Perugia, Todi, Spoleto, Assisi and Spello. Tourism here is much quieter than in a region like Tuscany. There is no mass tourism here. The inhabitants of the villages and cities are very hospitable and try to help you where they can. And we like to point out the slightly smaller and lesser known villages in the vicinity of Polmone Turismo Verde. You almost always walk there alone, so there is little chance of being infected.
For example, go to the tiny village Greppolischieto near Montegiove. In Montegiove itself you can also find one of the oldest castles in Umbria. Inside the castle there is a so-called cantina, a winery, which you can go to for one tour of the castle and a wine tasting. And near the castle you can enjoy the spectacular view in a wine bar, enjoying the sun with a tasty snack and a drink. At the foot of Montegiove you can experience the special La Scarzuola attend. We also recommend that you visit the village of Montecastello di Vibio where you can watch the smallest theater in the world, the theater La Concordia. 
This is just a selection of the many possibilities that Umbria has to offer near Polmone Turismo Verde. Places where hardly any tourists come, and where you will feel at ease!



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