Safe on holiday to Italy!

In this article you can read whether you can safely go on holiday to Italy at the moment. I keep this article up to date. That is to say, with every change in the situation, I will adjust the article so that you know exactly what can and cannot be done with regard to your holiday plans for Italy in this corona pandemic. Our aim is that you can safely go on holiday to Italy!

What does the Netherlands say

Until May 15, 2021, the Dutch are not advised to travel.

What does that mean for your insurance

If you do travel during that period, you are simply insured for all non-corona-related matters. However, if you have unforeseen damage caused by corona, not everything will be compensated. 

Just an example, suppose you get corona and you have to be admitted to hospital. You can declare these costs with your health insurance, but will only be reimbursed up to a maximum of the Dutch rate. With additional insurance or travel insurance you only have a chance that it will be reimbursed if you have not consciously looked up the risk by, for example, traveling to an orange area.

In all cases, it is important to check with your own health insurance what is and what is not reimbursed, and that also applies to your travel insurance. Here you can in any case see what the ANWB does and does not insure.

The current situation in Italy

Veilig op vakantie naar Italië  covid situatie per 3-5-2021

Below you can read what the general restrictions are valid for all of Italy. The general restrictions apply in the yellow regions. You can then read which regions are orange and which ones restrictions apply there. Finally, which regions are currently red and which ones restrictions apply to the red regions.

General restrictions throughout Italy

Curfews still apply throughout Italy. You must stay at home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The so-called autocertificazione (statement where you are going and why) is necessary for that time period. So if you have to go out between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for work or health reasons, you must be able to present it. It is expected, however, that the curfew will gradually shift to 11 pm and will go to midnight in the summer.
Mouth masks are mandatory both indoors and outdoors.
Until June 15, you can only visit once a day with a maximum of 4 people plus children under the age of 14.
The shops are open as usual, but shopping centers are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Museums and exhibitions are gradually opening their doors, but you should arrange your visit on weekends in advance.
The bars and restaurants are open, but dining is only allowed outside and at a table. From 1 June, it is allowed to eat inside again, but then until 6 pm.
The swimming pools open on May 15, sports halls and gyms from June 1. From 1 July, the thermal baths will open their doors and the amusement parks will open again. Fewer people may be transported on public transport.

Yellow regions

Since April 26, 15 regions have turned yellow. The general restrictions apply in the yellow regions (see above). Furthermore, movements between yellow regions have been allowed again since April 26.
Yellow regions: Campania, Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Trentino, Bolzano, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Le Marche, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise and Umbria.

White regions

At the moment there are no white regions.

Orange regions

First, all the rules that apply to all of Italy apply in the orange regions. Furthermore, all shops and hairdressers are open. Travel outside your own municipality is prohibited. In the orange regions, the bars and restaurants are completely closed, but you can pick up meals or leave them at home. Moving to other regions is not allowed, you can only move within your own municipality.
Orange regions: Sicily, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia

Red regions

Red region: Aosta Valley
Firstly, all the rules that apply to all of Italy apply in the red regions. But all movements are prohibited in a red area, even within the municipality, unless they are necessary. All so-called unnecessary shops are closed. Only pharmacies and shops selling foodstuffs, tobacco shops, kiosks and hairdressers are allowed to be open. Bars and retaurants are closed and take-away food is only allowed to be delivered to your home. You can exercise outside, but not with several people.

Current rules for traveling to Italy

Veilig op vakantie in Italië met een mondkapje

If you want to go to Italy now, you must be able to provide a negative corona test that is not older than 48 hours. Then it is mandatory at least until May 14 to go into quarantine for 5 days if you come from another EU country.
In all cases it is mandatory to fill out a so-called autodichiarazione and keep it with you at all times and inform the local health department where you are staying. Here is a link to an article where you can read how that works and of course you can always ask me questions about it.

I recommend that you especially use the site of the national government to keep an eye on whether download the travel app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also on the site of the ANWB you can find good information. Furthermore, I will update the information in this blog with every change.

Safe on holiday with us

Here at Polmone we also do everything necessary to prevent possible contamination. It was always good practice that we meticulously cleaned the apartments at a change. We always did that with ecological cleaning products.

However, now we use disinfectant, virus-killing cleaning products as prescribed by the authorities. We always washed the bed linen and towels at 60 degrees. In addition, the duvet covers are also ironed so that any virus particles really cannot survive.

Do you want to do your own laundry? 

That is of course still possible. Before you enter the room where the washing machine is located, first clean your hands with the hand gel that is there. Then you can safely put your laundry in the washing machine and before you close the door of the washing machine again, clean your hands again with the gel that is there. Put the soap in the machine, close the washing machine door and turn on the machine. This way we do everything safely, also for the next one. We will disinfect the door handle of the washing machine room ourselves every day.

Will it be a contactless holiday?

No definitely not!
The traditional moments of reception, farewell and baking the joint pizza will be a bit different. Simply because we have to keep our distance. Together we must ensure that we keep a physical distance of 1 meter. That should work fine on arrival and when leaving.

Samen pizza eten is een belevenis

But Nico and I had to think about how and whether or not we would bake pizzas with everyone. Last year we decided that Nico and I will prepare and bake the pizzas together. Unfortunately the children can no longer help!
There are enough round tables that we can add to keep enough distance from others. Last year it all went very well. With a little more distance, but it was just as pleasantly happy!

Can the pool be used?

The swimming pool can be used as usual, but here too some other agreements apply. The most important are the distances between the sunbeds and the chairs by the pool. There must be a space of 1.5 meters between them if they are used by non-family members. And it is mandatory to put a beach towel that you brought with you on the lounger or deck chair before sitting or lying on it. Finally, a maximum of 7 people are allowed in the water at the same time and also in the water we will have to take into account a physical distance of 1.5 meters between non-family members.

Which trips are safe in Umbria?

Of course, you don't just want to enjoy the special view from your apartment or relax by the pool. Of course you also want to do something when you are on vacation.

Polmone is located in the middle of a UNESCO reserve

Polmone ligt midden in het Unesco Reservaat voor de Biosfeer Monte Peglia

Umbria is characterized by its green valleys, the rolling hills, its streams, waterfalls, lakes and forests. You can take beautiful walks here without meeting anyone. In addition, Polmone Turismo Verde is located in the vast hilly area of the Monte Peglia (837m), which was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve last year.
The reserve is an area of 42,342 ha between the Tiber and Paglia rivers.

It consists mainly of woodland and forms an important natural pool of fauna, flora and mushroom species in and around the 3 extinct volcanoes of San Venanzo. In the area you can find thousands of plant species, 44 species of wild mammals and 34 different bird varieties. Here you will find a number of protected animal species such as the wild cat, the marten, the peregrine falcon, the eagle owl, the spotted and the spectacled salamander, the Etruscan chub and the river prawn that is already extinct in the world. 

The three volcanoes of San Venanzo

San Venanzo itself, the municipality to which Polmone belongs, is a very exceptional area. 265,000 years ago, 3 volcanoes erupted around San Venanzo. Due to this natural phenomenon, very rare rocks can be found that otherwise only occur in China, Uganda and Brazil. This concerns the “venanzite“, A rock that originated from the lava of the Pian di Celle volcano. You can check it all out in the San Venanzo Volcanology Museum and occasional guided hikes through the volcanic area are organized.
The Monte Peglia Reserve is part of the Parco di Monte Peglia e Selva Meana Nature Reserve. In all of Umbria this is just one of a total of 7 other nature parks: Colfiorito, Lago Trasimeno, Monte Cucco, Monte Subasio, Nera, Tevere and Monti Sibillini. All these nature parks comprise 7.5 % of the total area of the Umbria region. It is clear that you will find a lot of space and greenery here.

Enough undiscovered, safe places in Umbria

In addition to the special nature of the region, you will of course also find the picturesque villages and cities that are so characteristic of Italy, for example Orvieto, Perugia, Todi, Spoleto, Assisi and Spello. Tourism here is much quieter than in a region like Tuscany. There is no mass tourism here. The inhabitants of the villages and cities are very hospitable and try to help you where they can. And we like to point out the slightly smaller and lesser known villages in the vicinity of Polmone Turismo Verde. You almost always walk there alone, so there is little chance of being infected.
For example, go to the tiny village Greppolischieto near Montegiove. In Montegiove itself you can also find one of the oldest castles in Umbria. Inside the castle there is a so-called cantina, a winery, which you can go to for one tour of the castle and a wine tasting. And near the castle you can enjoy the spectacular view in a wine bar, enjoying the sun with a tasty snack and a drink. At the foot of Montegiove you can experience the special La Scarzuola attend. We also recommend that you visit the village of Montecastello di Vibio where you can watch the smallest theater in the world, the theater La Concordia. 
This is just a few of the many possibilities that Umbria has to offer near Polmone Turismo Verde. Places where almost no tourists come, where you can really feel safe!

It will be all right!

In addition to making it safe, we will of course, as always, try to make you feel comfortable during your stay with us. Unfortunately, we cannot change the reality of the coronavirus, nor can we influence all the security measures that are prescribed. Fortunately Italy remains Italy and as they say: ANDRÀ TUTTO BENE! IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT!
Do you have confidence in our approach? We have been welcoming guests here at Polmone for 32 years with great pleasure.

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