Hiking close to Polmone

The months of October to May are ideal for exploring the immediate surroundings of Polmone by taking a nice walk close by. You can take adventurous wild walks through the hills, forests and valleys around the farm. Polmone can always be seen as a landmark again.
If you are less adventurous, you can also enjoy walking on the unpaved road.
But close to Polmone there are also marked walks. Below I will tell you more about it.

Walking on antique roads

Recently, the municipality of San Venanzo, to which we belong, has opened up a large number of walking routes that were used in ancient times as connecting roads by the then residents of this region.
The municipality of San Venanzo covers an enormous area of 169 km2 and is part of the nature reserve 'Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana'. Last year, Monte Peglia was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO for its exceptional biodiversity.
In this area, unlike other mountainous parts of Italy and even of Umbria, you will find paths that in ancient times have been true connecting roads between remote farms, residential communities, villages and towns.

A piece of history

Due to the limited height of the mountains, people lived in this region for as long as we know. The enormous amount of forests meant that the inhabitants lived off the forestry and the timber yield.
Until the invention of the machine, the economy flourished and many people lived there. There was a lot of trade and traffic and therefore a dense road network. However, a sudden loss in value of the wood plunged the economy into a crisis and many people left the area. The oxen and wagons were then replaced by motorized means of transport and the roads were finally no longer used.

Unique phenomenon

Fortunately, the remains of these old connecting roads have been preserved here thanks to the many forests that are still there. In other mountainous areas in Umbria, but also in all of Italy, where there were no forests or where the forests were harvested to cultivate the lands, all these types of remains have disappeared. It is a unique phenomenon that you do not encounter in the Alps or the Apennines.

Via Orvietana

The Via Orvietana was the ancient connecting road between Orvieto and Perugia. The total network of antique roads in this part of Umbria that has been mapped with the help of ancient archives are called the "Vie Orvietane". Last year the part that falls under the municipality of San Venanzo was opened up and with a description and hiking map on the site of the municipality set with an option to download the routes on your smartphone or GPS. Below you can download the description of a circular walk close to Polmone.


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