Unwind in a place where children enjoy during your summer vacation

Janina and Niels were looking for a place to relax with their 3 children before the summer holidays. A place where you can go out together. Where their preference for travel, music, sports, good food, history, culture, peace and nature would come into their own.
But would their 3 children enjoy themselves there?
They experienced that it is precisely the peace that Polmone exudes, the residents, the self-reliance, the environment and its animals, that make Polmone a place where you as a family come together again.
In this 3rd episode of the Guest stories section in the Polzetone Gazzetta, read how a place to relax can be a place that children enjoy and talk about every day for months after their vacation.


The Hoogervorst family was at Polmone during the summer holidays with their children

Who are we? We are an active family who love to go out together. We are true bon vivants and try to make life a beautiful lasting memory. We love sports, travel, music, good food, history, culture, but also a lot of peace and nature.
Niels is a teacher at the sports academy, Janina coordinating a district nurse / team leader in home care. Together we have 3 children. Mees (8), Hayo (6) and Floris (4).
As two working entrepreneurial parents, we often look for a place in vacations where we can find everything we love, but above all a place to relax.
We succeeded. Polmone exceeded all our expectations.

Have you been on holiday with Polmone before or was this the first time?

This was our first time.

What were your doubts about whether or not to choose Polmone?

When Niels and I saw the photos and film on the site, we were immediately sold. Polmone seemed like the place we were looking for.
Only, would the children have fun there too? That was my only doubt at the time. That doubt came mainly from my mother's heart, I suspect. In everything I do, I think first of all about our children.
Niels immediately said: 'Just do it. Our children do not need much and enjoy all that adventure. "
After some mail contact with Roos I was up. We decided to experience it.
And Niels was right. Children don't need much. They had a wonderful time. We are now 4 months further and there is still talk about Polmone, Roos, Nico, Luna and Kiki on a daily basis.

What was the main reason why you chose Polmone?

Enjoy the peace and the vastness around Polmone

The peace that Polmone radiates. The wide views. Being free. It is almost magical!

If you now look back on your summer vacation with the children, how did the doubts you had beforehand go?

Totally wrong. It is precisely the peace that Polmone exhales, the residents, the self-reliance, the environment and its animals, that makes Polmone a place where you as a family come together again. Where a busy accommodation with its many incentives, inflatables, animation and noise can cause the train of normal life to continue, Polmone puts it into focus on what is important in life. The family!
We went home with green lungs and melted hearts.

How did you find Roos and Nico's personal contact on your arrival and departure and during your stay?

The contact with Roos and Nico on arrival and departure was very warm and welcoming. We immediately felt welcome and at home. So do the children. As a result, saying goodbye also hurt a bit… “sweet sorrow”

How did you experience the atmosphere at Polmone?

In the apartment

Really Italian. Very atmospheric, cozy, everything has been thought of and everything was there. We really have not lacked anything.

On the terrain

Eating fun in the summer holidays with your children

Breathtakingly beautiful. Everything has been thought of. Each apartment has its own terraces. Enjoy sunrise, sunset, starry sky wherever you want without bothering other guests. We stayed in Camino. When I close my eyes, I sit on the terrace by the pond again and hear the sound of the fish, the house path, birds, cicadas, a pig in the distance, children playing and the silence.

With the other guests

Pizza baking with children during the summer holidays

Very cozy. The pizza evening is a great start to a harmonious get-together. It is striking that everyone has the same interests. Some guests have been coming for years and already knew each other. Despite that, we never felt weird. In addition, we thought it was great that everyone also left each other in their value. Sense and time for a chat then you could. If not then it wasn't a problem either.

With the owners Nico and Roos

That has been very special for us. The way they look at life is wonderful to see. Making nothing, Polmone is really something you should be able to do. The way they live their lives, their perseverance, warmth, hospitality, love for the place, Polmone itself and the location, have made Polmone the most warm place in Italy for us.

What trips did you make? And what did you think of that?

We have been to Orvieto, Assisi, and Todi. We also visited the waterfalls of Marmore, and tasted some wine at Monte Vibiano Vecchio, some adventure / loop / MTB trails from Polmone. We also visited some restaurants in the area. We all thought it was fantastic! Everything is a short drive away. So you soon lost (part of) a day, but that didn't stop us from going out.

What did you think of Umbria and do you have a nice tip for other guests to undertake in Umbria

Umbria is beautiful! Everything that we mention above is recommended.
We have sometimes been to the neighbors in Tuscany, but where Tuscany is a bit touristy, Umbria is still very pure. And that is exactly what we love.

Was your vacation on Polmone what you expected

It was what we hoped for and MORE !! See you next year!

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